Automotive Spray Booths

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Panda Automotive Spray Booths

Our Panda Spray Boothâ„¢ follows the semi & full downdraft principles by filtering incoming air through its pre filtered and full filtered ceiling. The air is drawn over the vehicle, through the floor grating, and then filtered and exhausted via the after-filters.

These specially designed booths eliminate air swirl, providing softer and more even air movement that removes any over spray more efficiently and prevents finish impurities.

The Pandaâ„¢ booths are remarkably adaptable and can be custom-built, which make them a great choice if panel shop space is at a premium, which certainly seems to be the case with most workshops. Pandaâ„¢ booths/ovens are available for various application such as painting cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats, contruction, agricultural, and mining equipment, and even aircraft – now that’s versatility.

All Pandaâ„¢ booths are designed in New Zealand & Australia to meet & exceed the AUS/NZ 4114 compliance policies and come fully loaded with elite electrical componentry, spray control safety devices, lighting fixtures, gas or diesel burners, intake & exhaust air flow controls & noise reduction features (hand picked from Japanese, European & the American suppliers here in Auckland NZ) unique to Panda booths.

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