Panda Spray Boothâ„¢ The 800 Series

The 800 is the most popular and cost effective model of Panda Spray Booth product line. The 800 is designed to achieve the optimum spray and curing production time, simultaneously reducing installation and maintenance cost.

Spray Booth Product Features:

Full downdraft airflow principle integrated with 45 degree angled light fixtures and optional adjustable ceiling air spray nozzles

  • Main flow zone concentrates airflow in the spray booth in a protective curtain around the car.
  • Main flow zone effectively removes overspray.
  • Angled ceiling lights and wall lights eliminate shadows for better overall illumination.

Color Steel Sandwich insulated panel construction

  • Smooth fit and finish give the spray booth an impressive overall appearance and minimize areas where overspray and dust could collect
  • Insulated design reduces noise inside the spray booth and in the surrounding shop area
  • Insulated design reduces ambient heat outside the booth

White pre-coated galvanized steel

  • White coating diffuses light better than uncoated steel, reducing reflections and glare
  • Weld-free construction prevents rusting and improves spray booth strength

Raised base or Single/Two Trench full down draft system

  • Pre-engineered trench design properly balances air flow
  • Air is drawn more evenly over the vehicle and trench
  • Full ramps with wigs for raised base type booth

    • Convenient for vehicle to enter into the booth

    Three fold entrance door opening 3000 mm

    • Large opening for easy entry to the Spray booth, heavy-duty hinges, solid construction
    • Side access door with observation window, can be moved to accommodate different booth layouts.

    40 tubes ceiling light with energy efficient electronic ballasts

    • Total 40 light tubes
    • Provides Shadow Free spraying environment

    Spray booth is designed to meet Aus/NZ standard

    • Rear accessible light fixtures for convenient booth electrical maintenance Isolated motor cabin for possible flame and combustible environment

    High-efficiency indirect heating system with re-circulating cure mode

    • Increases productivity by using a ‘cure’ cycle to provide faster and better finishes than air-drying.
    • Pressurizes booth cabin to reduce dust entry from the outsideenvironment – Safe to operate

    High-efficiency direct heating system (optional)

    • Increases productivity by using a direct fire heating system to provide faster refinishing result.
    • Less heat loss with more fuel efficiency.

    Computerized spray and curing control systems integrated with safety procedures

    • Two stage automated heating controls
    • Fully programmable PLC units – Faults indication
    • Pre and after purging cycles – Heat exchanger cooling cycles

    Integrated Air Make Up Units

    • Exhaust and intake systems are integrated into one unit
    • Matched intake and exhaust fans provide balance to the air system

    Panda Direct Fire Space Saver

    Versatile Fuel from natural gas, LPG, to Diesel or waste oil

    Pre and After filtration system extends paint booth filter life

    • Pre and After filter installed – High quality ceiling filtration plenum

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