Panda Spray Boothsâ„¢: Servicing


We will deliver low cost filters to your door step, direct from the manufacturer.

Panda Spray Booth Bake Oven Servicing/Maintenance/Structure & Operation Inspection

For aftersales service, consumables, maintenance and inspection please feel free to give one of our team a call. For more information in this regard please contact us here.

Panda Finishing Solutions Filter Supplies

We supply quality Spray Booth, Preparation Bay – Intake (air ceiling media), Exhaust (paint overspray media) media and A.M.U (air make up unit) pre and after filters (polyester media).

Panda’s VF-600G F-5/EU-5 (ceiling media)

Panda’s VF-600G F-5/EU-5 (ceiling media) is specifically designed for the fine filtration of intake air in down draft paint booths. This ensures a debris/particle free air stream. A popular choice in various refinishing plants through out the world. Euro style blanket form.


Provides a uniform air distribution
High dust holding capacity
Available in complete rolls (you cut to size)
Optimal low pressure drop
Adhesive properties prevent dust migration
100% silicone free
Long filter life

Panda’s LH G2/EU-2 (fiber glass)

Panda’s LH G2/EU-2 (fiber glass) is specifically designed to collect the paint overspray from your paint or finishing operation. Applicable for down draft, semi downdraft and cross draft paint booths. This very efficient media will ensure less frequent replacement and eliminate the paint over spray adhering to the ducting and fans which may result in fan, motor, heat exchanger malfunction, and structural damage.


Multi layered non breakable fibers
High depth loading ensures low pressure drop
Premium media means that they last longer
Reduce the possible OH & S risks
Ensure longevity of your paint booth
Provides an optimum paint finish

Links to PDF documents

Panda Spray Booth™ Filter System PDF

Panda Spray Booth™ Filter Information PDF

Panda Finishing Solutions Parts

Panda Spray Booth™ stock a full range of all parts for all Panda Spray Booth Models. We can supply parts on order to ensure that your spray booth equipment is always operational. For a brochure of parts or for more information in this regard please contact us here.

Panda Finishing Solutions Repairs

Panda Spray Booth™ offer professional after sales service to all customers. Our staff of trained engineers are geared up to provide ongoing services and inspections of all models of Panda Spray Booth™. For more information in this regard please contact us here.