Customer Testimonials

“I was one of the first people to purchase a Panda Booth here in Auckland around seven years ago. Im extremely happy with the unit. Its robust, it performs well and it hasn’t given me any problems since I bought it!”

- Robin, Director from Culperry Panel & Paint, Auckland, New Zealand

“I purchased a small full down draft truck booth. paint mixing room and preparatory bay from the lads at Panda a few years ago. I am more than satisfied with the price, aesthetics and after sales support. Its hard to find these days, an honest and sincere bunch of guys who just wanna do right by you. Very impressed with the service!”

- Courtney, Managing Director from Westgate Panel & Paint, Auckland, New Zealand

“The spray booth I bought from the team has been nothing but the best piece of equipment that i’ve ever purchased for my workshop. I’m pumping out at least 6 – 8 cars per day. The paint finish is absolutely mint! Cut n polish time and colour matching issues have practically disappeared. My health has improved, my companies profile has improved and more importantly our annual profit turn over is better than ever. I even have the weekends off now! Obviously the Mrs is happy too! Thanks to the team at Panda!

- Serge, Manager from Vincent Panel & Paint, Auckland, New Zealand

“Wow! Panda’s thorough service was just amazing. They were down to my workshop the next day I made an enquiry for them to see me. We discussed the concerns I had regarding my workshop floor space. (Very limited room). They e-mailed a drawing of a customised unit that would fit my shop, the very next day. Most booth suppliers didn’t even bother or couldn’t address the issues I faced. I highly recommend to any seroius workshop owner to take a closer look at the Panda products before making any decision.”

- Leo, Owner operator from LCT Motors Ltd., Hamilton, New Zealand

“A good mate of mine recommended the Panda booth to me knowing I was shopping around for a Spray Booth Bake Oven at the time. I must admit the product and price they offered was unrivalled. The office staff and installation technicians were conscious and a pleasure to deal with. Although I am situated 900 kms from Panda’s office and warehouse in Auckland, they were literally on my door step the next morning if I needed filters or service. That kind of service to me is just fantastic! Panda are definitely worth considering if your in the market for a new Paint Booth.”

- Earl, Director from Auto Panels Taihape, New Zealand